How to register free .np domain in Nepal? with Cover Letter

Free Domain Registration in Nepal, How to register free .np domain in Nepal? with Cover LetterFree Domain Registration in Nepal, the .np domain name is Nepal's country code top-level domain (ccTLD) and is widely popular in Nepal and its neighboring regions. Mercantile Communication in Nepal provides a free .np ccTLD (Country Code Top-Level Domain) domain registration service. Registering your own .np domain allows you to create a local business identity, professional web page, personal website, blog, or online portal, showcasing your connection to the region.

This guide covers all the essential details, including required documents, eligibility criteria, and the step-by-step process for registering a free .np ( domain name in Nepal.

  1. Eligibility Check: Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria set by the authorized registrar. Typically, .np domains are available to Nepali individuals, businesses, and organizations.

  2. Prepare Required Documents: 
    For organizations, gather the necessary documents, including:

    - A request letter on the official letterhead, signed and stamped by an authorized person.
    - Scanned copies of the company's registration certificate.

    Please Note: If you want to register a personal domain name under the .NP ccTLD (Country Code Top-Level Domain) in Nepal, the domain name should be based only on the applicant's name as mentioned in the following documents:

    1. Nepalese citizenship
    2. Passport
    3. Driving license
    4. Voter's card
    5. Non-Resident-Nepalese ID Card (for Nepalese citizens living abroad)
    6. Nepalese resident visa (for foreign nationals residing in Nepal)

  3. Submit Application: Fill out the .np domain registration form on the registrar's website here: and provide accurate information and attach the required documents.

    DNS Configuration: Set up the Domain Name System (DNS) for your domain. You can either use Himalayan Host's Primary & Secondary Name Servers for domain in Nepal as:
    Primary DNS Server:
    Secondary DNS Server:

    configure custom DNS settings as per your web hosting provider. 

    Opting for Cloudflare's free DNS system is a superb solution for seamless DNS management. To get started with the free plan and access Cloudflare's Name Servers, simply sign up using this link:

  4. Verification: Allow some time for the authorities to verify your details and documents. Typically, the NP Domain registration process requires approximately 3 to 4 business days, or sometimes more, depending on the volume of domain registration requests in the backlog.

  5. Approval and Activation: Upon approval, you will receive a confirmation email with further instructions to activate your domain.

  6. If you are currently utilizing Himalayan Host's name servers and are interested in purchasing cloud hosting services, you can conveniently explore and place your order for our hosting packages by visiting this link:

Here's a sample application / request letter / np domain cover letter:

Date: [Date]

The Host Master
Mercantile Communication Pvt. Ltd.
Durbar Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal

Subject: Application to Register .np Domain Extension

Namaste Sir,

I would like to register the .np domain [your-domain-name]. I have submitted the .np domain registration online form on your official website, along with the required documents, including the scan copy of company registration certificate [ If Domain is for Organization ] or, scan copy of citizenship certificate [ If Domain is Personal ]

Kindly consider my application for .NP domain registration at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your attention.

Domain name: www.[your-domain-name]

Yours sincerely,
[Your Full Name]
Official Stamp

Domain Registration in Nepal?Remember to check domain availability, fill up the domain request form, and submit the required documents on the registrar's website. For any further support or queries, you can reach out to Himalayan Host Pvt. Ltd. at

For additional resources, refer to the provided links:

List of Available .NP Domains:

  1. (commercial)
    - Entry area: This is an open ccTLD; any person or entity is permitted to register.
    - Notes: Originally intended for for-profit business entities, but currently used by all types of entities including nonprofits, schools, and private individuals. Domain name registrations may be challenged without proper justification to prevent "squatting."

  2. (cooperatives)
    - Entry area: Limited to cooperatives.
    - Notes: Specifically reserved for cooperatives in Nepal.

  3. (educational)
    - Entry area: Limited to specific educational institutions, including primary schools, middle schools, secondary schools, colleges, and universities.
    - Notes: Reserved for educational institutions operating in Nepal.

  4. (governmental)
    - Entry area: Limited to Nepal governmental entities and agencies.
    - Notes: Exclusive to government entities and agencies within Nepal.

  5. (information)
    - Entry area: This is an open ccTLD; any person or entity is permitted to register.
    - Notes: Available for registration by any person or entity.

  6. (Nepal military)
    - Entry area: Limited to use by the Nepal military.
    - Notes: Reserved exclusively for the Nepal military.

  7. (individuals, by name)
    - Entry area: This is an open ccTLD; any person or entity is permitted to register; however, registrations may be challenged later if they are not by individuals (or the owners of fictional characters) in accordance with the domain's charter.
    - Notes: Open for registration to individuals or entities, but must align with the domain's charter.

  8. (network)
    - Entry area: For use by domains pointing to a distributed network of computers or "umbrella" sites that act as the portal to a set of smaller websites.
    - Notes: Designed for use by websites that represent a network of computers or serve as umbrella sites.

  9. (organization)
    - Entry area: For use by non-profit organizations and still primarily used by the same.
    - Notes: Intended for non-profit organizations in Nepal.

  10. Additionally,,,, and extensions also available.

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